Hop onto our bicycles to witness sunset at Tanah Lot temple, an ancient Hindu shrine suspended atop a dramatic outcrop off the coast.
Pick up a board and let our instructors teach you the basics of surfing on Kedungu beach, conveniently located a stone’s throw away from the property. More experienced surfers may want to hit the breaks at Canggu’s Echo Beach, which offers world class surfing within 20 minutes of the hotel.
Borrow one of our complimentary mountain bikes and set off to explore the countryside and immerse in the Balinese way of living through hidden back roads and quaint villages.
For the truly adventurous, embark on a guided adventure throughout the heart of the island. Discover Bali’s untouched sceneries by trekking Mount Batur’s dramatic inclines at sunrise or let our guides walk you through rich forested areas to uncover hidden waterfalls.
Embrace Balinese craftsmanship by visiting Gaya’s artisanal workshop, where Balinese refinement meets Italian sophistication. Wander around open-air studio spaces and spot custom-tailored, hand-thrown ceramics, or choose to explore your own creativity by attending a stimulating workshop led by skilled artists.
Join your guide on a culinary adventure as you explore the vibrant local market. Learn how to choose the best produce and train your senses to recognize the scent, feel, and taste of typical Indonesian herbs and spices. Head back to the kitchen, put on an apron and whip up a variety of mouthwatering traditional dishes from scratch.
Join us on our weekly movie nights or privatize our screening room to enjoy a wide selection of Hollywood classics, blockbusters and indie movies.
Charmingly designed for a peaceful yet sophisticated ambience, our library offers a welcoming space to relax, choose from a variety of books, magazines and newspapers or keep up with the latest news online. Colour printers, scanners and two workstations with iMac desktops are also available.
The Boutique at Nirjhara was designed to showcase Bali’s skilled artisans and creative new talents. Our curator met with local craftsmen to assemble a selection of handcrafted artisan wares, contemporary creations and memorable pieces that celebrate the archipelago’s past, present and future.